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Metallic: Raakh [Ash]

Metallic: Raakh [Ash]

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A dignified piece.
Metallics are known to inspire knowledge and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

Rim Style:
Color: Raakh [Ash]
  • Product Details

    [Size]- Our hats are one size fits all. Given its natural material, it will take form the shape of your head as you wear it more often.

    *NOTE: If you have any concerns with the measurements, please email us your head measurements so we can make the adjustments as needed prior to shipping.  One size fits all hats generally fit heads that are 21.5 inches to 23 inches or are in the medium/large range.


    [Handcrafted]- Our hats require a significant amount of time in hand craftsmanship from the shearing (removal of sheep hair) to the hand embroidery; all the way to the tag placement and stitching. This gives you (the buyer/investor) a premium artisanal product.



    100% Wool / Silk - It's vital to understand that not every one of our pieces will feel the same. For the reason that it is constructed of pure wool, each color varies in softness and weight. We curate our hats using the finest natural stretch wool and the silk that is processed in the northern and central regions of Pakistan.



    For soft/lighter wool, we recommend “Raath” & “Badal” in the “bol” and “bol magar pyar say” collections.



    [Distributed]-United States (domestic & international)


  • Care for your Zindagi

    [Dry clean only]

    -Do not machine wash

    -Do not tumble dry