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Lets Redefine South Asian Artisanship

Let us just say, first?

Thank YOU!

You made it. We’ve been expecting you!

Now that you’ve decided to take a chance on us, our objective is to stay true to our vision of bringing you only the very best of the best in our own distinct way. Your presence here indicates that you are interested in where we are headed, and we are ecstatic to take you on our journey, one collection at a time! This is the first stop to find out the latest news on Zindagi collections, special offers, upcoming sales, and private events. Join this international community that is eager to see us spread our wings and enter this cultural landscape.

What Sets the Zindagi Apparel Apart?

We took a long time cultivating our image and objectives before launching in a definitive way. Our position has always been to unite communities globally through innovative design, captivating culture, and the spirit of adventure.

Zindagi Apparel celebrates the unconventional in a unique way, spreading the most essential components of the human existence – love, compassion, and positivity – through an artistic platform that places a spotlight on Pakistani culture while simultaneously elevating and sustaining their way of life.

What We Do

Zindagi Apparel offers more than just interesting looking hats – it is statement wear that offers dual functionality as a fashion piece as well as delivering a cultural lens of the Asian subcontinent in a subtle yet powerful way. The process of our design is intricate and highly detailed – comprised of local artisans that have years of experience creating signature hats that feature an exterior made of pure wool, with an interior lined with gorgeous, fine silk. With distinct styles displayed through our unisex collections, the entire brand is inspired by Pakistani ethos.

Where We Began

After successive trips to Pakistan, Zindagi Apparel founder Mayshaim Tahir Aziz noticed the huge disparity between the skills of the local artisans she encountered and their standard of living, which was inherently poor and not in alignment with what they had to offer. Taking the initiative to change the narrative, she created Zindagi Apparel as a way to both preserve the rich culture of the region while sustaining a better lifestyle and existence for these dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen.

In collaboration with the locals for the past year, all products featured in the collections are sourced and constructed in Chitral and Lahore, Pakistan, then sold and distributed internationally.

What to Expect

As Zindagi Apparel continues to expand around the world, the mission is clear – to spread our mantra of connecting what makes us all special, with an east meets west vibe that showcases the spirit of individuality and the promise of ethical fashion in today’s ever-changing world. From conception to installation and direct to you, Zindagi will always turn to our valued consumers to assist us in improving everything we have to offer. Experience firsthand how authentic expression can unite us all.

Social Media

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