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About Zindagi

Zindagi Apparel is a profound movement that stands at the threshold of the culture of the East. Layered. Nuanced. Like threads that are woven together, our past is complex and our lives are intricately joined together. This is Zindagi, “life” in Urdu. Our handcrafted Chitral hats are embroidered with Urdu proverbs that align with your lifestyle. Honoring culture with love, compassion, and positivity using pattern and texture. Artisans who create the materials for our collections are paid a living wage for their incredible skill and talent.

  • Zindagi Apparel has been collaborating with Pakistani craftsmen for one year. 

  • All products are handcrafted in Chitral, Pakistan, and Lahore, Pakistan.

  • They are sold and distributed internationally. 

About Mayshaim

During her frequent trips to Pakistan, Zindagi Apparel founder Mayshaim Tahir Aziz noticed an inherently poor standard of living for artisans, despite their extraordinary skills. Wanting to change that, she created Zindagi Apparel, a start-up that would both preserve the culture of a region and help its craftsmen sustain a better lifestyle. What began as a simple idea transformed into a business model with a distinct mission: Zindagi Apparel celebrates life by spreading love, compassion, and positivity through fashion, artistry, and narrative - while offering a living wage to Pakistani artisans.

we pay a living wage

Meet Parveen, we call her "Pino" out of love. She's 22 years old. Before she stitched hats for Zindagi, she cleaned houses and took care of elderly employers. Pino decided to attend tailoring school to broaden her career options. Today, the wages Pino earns in 3 days would have taken her a month to earn before.  

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